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Some of the many electronic components that have been created by the existence of more advanced technology

Electronic components are usually a means of supporting objects that become part of an electronic circuit that can work according to their utility. Starting from the stick directly on the circuit board in the form of PCBs, CCB, or Veroboard Protoboard way or not attached directly soldered on the circuit board (with other interfaces, such as cable).

These electronic components consisting of one or more electronic materials, which consist of one or several elements of the material and put together, heated, attached and so will produce an effect that can result in temperature or heat, capture or vibrate the material, changing the current, voltage, power electricity. list content
1 Mixing ingredients
2 Space Technology
3 List of electronic components
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Mixing ingredients

For the better, these electronic materials should also be getting a perfection in the processing or mixing. But there are some electronic materials that when mixed with terbaur not perfect, because it caused the two materials have different compounds or materials.

While scientists know that if these materials can be mixed or combined with the better it will produce electronic materials new, more accurate, better and smaller in size to meet the characteristics of electronic components for more sophisticated future. For example, with a mixture of a little fellow basic materials, has been able to work and have a better ability than the previous components. So the basic ingredients can be combined continuously between a single material with other material but still refers to a smaller size as desired electronic scientists in this century.

Space Technology

But to mix the basic ingredients in electronics was better in order to produce more sophisticated components that his ability is very difficult, this is what becomes a challenge to scientists and chemical physicists today. Scientists know that the gravitational force is one factor of the barrier material, atoms or molecules to coalesce. So the scientists in this modern era began looking into the sky and glanced at the space shuttle.

Finally, the space age began, today's electronics technology have required the shuttle. With the same aircraft to deliver its astronauts to the space station other than that there they can work more freely. With the state of weightlessness or without gravity it turns out electronic materials more easily to be mixed with a more perfect outcome. Today many materials found in electronics that when there is no gravity in space can be mixed with better and more easily, unlike at the time on earth. After the mixed ingredients are then brought back to earth to then be processed.

So with the advance of technology development from year to year and even from day to day, the electronic components are also becoming more sophisticated than the previous artificial and still pursue an increasingly small size in terms of its physical form as well and started to spread also to the nano technology (nano technology )

List of electronic components

In line with technological advances that the electronic components will also be more and more diverse types ranging from the physical form, derived types and characteristics.

This next diagram depicts active components, the difference between active and passive is that active components require a power source to work, whereas passive components do not. The top symbols represent vacuum tube or thermionic devices. Although at one time, these were being replaced by the smaller transistor and integrated circuits, they are finding their way back into electronics for use in professional audio equipment and some radio receivers.

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