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The CW transmitter

The CW transmitter transmits continuous wave modulation with Morse code. With ‘config’ button you can configure transmission speed & frequency. With ‘load’ you can load a transmitted text from a file. Please note, that the CW transmitter automatically converts lowercase letters to uppercase letters. ‘Start/Stop’ starts and stops the transmission. When the characters are transmitted, the red text ‘transmitting’ is shown in the dialog. If the yellow text ‘ready to transmit’ is shown, you should press the green button in the configuration editor to start the transmission. With ‘reset’ you can reset the transmitter. The CW transmitter shows the currently transmitted character as inverted.


With this you can set the magnitude (maximum amplitude) of the transmitted signal. The amplitude value is set as an absolute value. When 16-bit processing is used then maximum magnitude will be 32767. If 8-bit processing is used the maximum is 127.

Carrier frequency

This sets the carrier frequency. Please note, that if the transmission is connected directly to one of SkySweeper’s own decoders, the FFT resolution is limited, which might cause the situation that the decoder doesn’t lock exactly to the same frequency which is sent. This effect has no influence on the performance of the decoder.

Words per minute

This sets the transmission speed.

Sum to RX
With this switch, you can select the input signal of the CW transmission block added to CW transmission generated by the block. This is very useful feature, when you would like to build multicarrier CW transmissions (just put several CW transmitters in chain with this switch set on)

With this switch you can set if the text in the transmitter dialog will be repeated when the last character is sent. The repeated block starts from the cursor position.

Character Set Definition
By clicking this button, the CW character set can be the Character Set Configuration Dialog

CW Keying Parameters
By clicking this button, the CW keying feature can be enabled. CW transmitter can control radio transmitter through serial port. Parameters can be changed in the CW Keying Configuration Dialog.

The ‘Macro’ button opens or closes the TX macro panel.

The load button opens the transmitter load data control dialog, which is used to read text from file or socket into transmission text window.

The ‘Start’ button starts transmission from the cursor position. If there are text is selected in the transmission window, only selected text is sent. It is not possible to edit transmission window when transmission is on. Transmission can be stopped any time pressing the ‘Stop’ button. If the TX control signal is enabled start and stop button sets the signal on and off.

The Reset button clears the transmission window and resets the transmitter.

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