Sabtu, 17 Oktober 2009

Resistor Color Code

code color resistor
Resistors are two-channel electronic components designed to resist electrical current to produce a voltage drop between the two channels in accordance with the current flowing, according to Ohm's law : V = I.R or I = V/R. Resistor is used as part of the electronic networks and electronic circuits, and is one of the most common components used. Resistors can be made from a variety of compounds and films, even the wire resistance (wire made from high resistivity alloys such as nickel-chromium). The main characteristics of the resistors is the resistance and electric power can be wasted. Other characteristics include temperature coefficient, electrical wheezing, and inductance.

Resistors can be integrated into hybrid circuits and printed circuit boards, integrated circuits even. The size and location of the foot depends on circuit design, the resistor must be physically large enough not to become too hot while wasting resources. Ohm resistor unit (symbol: Ω) is the SI unit of electrical resistance, named after George Simon Ohm. Usually used prefix m-ohms, kilo ohm and mega ohm. Resistor consists of a cylindrical resistive element with a wire or a metal cap at both ends. Body resistor protected with paint or plastic. Lawas carbon composition resistors have not isolated entities, connecting wire wrapped around the end of the resistive element and then soldered. Resistor which has become painted with the color code of the price.

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