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diode, zener, Schottky, Rectifier, varicap, SCR, photodioda

Diode is the active component has two channels (termionik diode may have a third channel for heating). Diodes have two active electrodes where signals can flow, and most of the diodes used for one-way characteristics possessed. Diode varicap (Variable Capacitor / condenser variable) is used as a voltage controlled condenser.
Diode Zener diodes are made so that current can flow in the opposite direction if the applied voltage exceeds the limit "broken voltage (breakdown voltage) or" Zener voltage ". A zener diode is fed-back will show the damage that uncontrolled behavior and will miss the current electricity to keep the voltage down to keep the zener voltage.
Diode-tunnel is perfect conductor if a large voltage rated. diodes are made with high impurity-called tunnel diodes. The advantages possessed by the tunnel diode is a cheap, low noise, simple,
high-speed, immune to the environment, and low power. Weakness-tunnel diode is the difference between low-output voltage and only is a component of two-terminal. The latter caused no isolation input-output, thus causing difficulties in circuit design.
phototransistor / photodioda is one sensor that converts light intensity into electrical energy, the greater the radiance received by a photo transistor, the greater the energy that will be accepted. phototransistor or photodioda have a good response in the central region, a 100% response and the response will be half if they are in the 45-degree angle from the center.
SCR (stands for Silicon Control Rectifier). The diode is a function as a controller. SCR or Tyristor still including semiconductor families with similar characteristics thiratron tube. As the controller is the gate (G). SCR often called Therystor. SCR actually of mixed materials P and N. The contents consist of SCR PNPN (Positive Negative Positive Negative) and is usually called PNPN Trioda.
Rectifier : Rectifier current function as a rectifier (AC to DC). Rectifier usually known as a diode for rectifier current is the basic function of the diode, but more specifically a function of the rectifier.
Bridge Rectifier : Consists of four rectifier connected to each other (to form a box formation). Bridge rectifier rectify current (AC to DC) with more efficiently.
Variable Capacitance Diodes also called varicap diode or varactor diodes. The nature of this diode is when paired according to the upside will act as a condenser. Capacitance depends on the incoming voltage. Diodes of this type are widely used in FM modulator and also on the VCO a PLL (Phase Lock Loop).
Schottky diode is a special type of diode with low voltage. When current flows through the diode will be detained by the internal resistance, which causes a small voltage at the diode terminals. Normal diode between 0.7-1.7 volts, while the Schottky diode voltage approximately between 0.15-0.45 volts. Schottky diodes using metal-semiconductor junction as a Schottky barrier (of a semiconductor-semiconductor junction as in conventional diodes). Schottky barrier is produced by the contact time is very fast and low voltage. Differences pn and Schottky diodes are of the reverse recovery time, when switching from state to state does not conduct and conduct contrary. Where in the pn diode recovery time can be of the order through hundreds of nano-seconds and less than 100 nano-seconds for fast diode.

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