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electronic circuits

This article I want to discuss about electronic circuits. It has been quite a lot of what I discussed in previous articles, but when I look, it turns out that I have not discussed what electronic circuits. Now before I go any further, let's first look at computer or a television. We can see in it a series of foreign objects attached to a pair of printed circuit boards. These objects exist elliptic, long box, square, flat, and there are many of them unique shape. The objects are arranged neatly and row located, quite interesting to see. These objects are called electronic components, such as resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, ICs and other components. From the description above, it can be concluded that the electronic circuit is a circuit that consists of a variety of electronic components are arranged in such a way in order to function in accordance with the wishes of the designer. Basically, in the field of electronics, especially regarding how series an electronic device, all electronic components are not described in terms of real physical, but manifested in the scheme, called schema electronics.

As shown above, all of the components are not depicted real, but only in the form of symbols, codes, symbols, and other signs that each has its own meaning. In making electronic circuits, based on experience, usually people think that by putting a few pieces of the components according to drawing schematics, he will be convinced that trial be successful. Technically might be able to succeed by chance, but if a failure he can not do anything about it. In studying electronic circuit, but to be able to read schematics drawings, also must understand the type of components to be used in electronic circuits to be made. Furthermore it should be noted that other support tools are tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, soldering, saws, hammers, and others. There should also note that the electronic components on the market, in general, not always in good condition. Components to be used should be checked first with a gauge called AVO meter or multi meter. This tool is absolutely necessary for you if you like assemble an electronic device. Because if not on the test used to measure it, the possibility of failure can occur. Similarly, a brief description of these electronic circuits. Hopefully useful. Also follow any other articles that may be helpful for those of you about electronic aids.

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