Minggu, 04 November 2012

head light indicator

This head light indicator may be set for one or two functions. To indicate that the head lights (or the side lights) should be switched off after switching off the ignition contact (battery protection). Or to indicate that the head lights should be on once ignition contact is switched on (obligatory in some countries).


continuously repeated alarm tone for lights ON (may be disabled)
repeated alarm tone for lights OUT
only 3 wires are required for hook-up
supply voltage: 12V DC
PCB dimensions: 1.9" x 2.2"

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    the assembly MAN shows they advice to intercept the ® power bus to sum (110/)120W/12V=(9?&/?+)10A headlights -- i wouldn't intercept the ® bus but got the sense from ? not my area there may be (ss)relay coil hooked to that bus(cable) in which case a secondary sense for relay operational/light-threads-OK would be needed to be added to this control module (as a possible extension)

    ! though an interesting item