Minggu, 29 Januari 2012

Zener Voltage

Zener Voltage
Zener diode is a diode that has the characteristics of the channel the electrical current flowing in the opposite direction when the applied voltage overshoot "breakdown voltage" (breakdown voltage) or "Zener voltage". This is different from ordinary diode which only transmits electrical current to one direction.

Diodes usually will not drain the electrical current to flow in the opposite if the reverse-biased (reverse-biased) below the breakdown voltage. If the operating voltage exceeds the limit, regular diode will be damaged because of excess electrical current that causes heat. However, this process is reversible if it is done within your limits. In the case of rationing-forward (in the direction of the arrow), this diode will provide voltage drop (voltage drop) of about 0.6 volts for a normal silicon diode. The voltage drop depends on the type of diode used.

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