Minggu, 13 November 2011

power for energy

Model: LDR, WDR
Capacity: 8-4000kg/h
Steam pressure: 4-16bar
Fuel: Electric

Fuel: Electric
For food processing, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical provide for production of gasoline and medical institutions with the provision of disinfection gas, for other enterprises, hotels provide the heating steam, can also provide domestic hot water heating tanks.

Electric heating boiler to power for energy, no noise, no pollution. The use of high-quality heating tubes, the surface of the low heat load, heat and high efficiency. The use of multi-storey high-level centrifugal glass wool insulation, import color outer panels; Both ends covered the use of packaging in vivo to facilitate the installation of maintenance.

1, the use of advanced electric heating tubes, the surface low load, long life.
2, the boiler to start, stop, fast, wide range of load-conditioning to regulate the speed and easy to operate.
3, heating elements in accordance with changes in temperature and automatically adjust the load control input heating group number, and automatically converted into the order, not only to save energy consumption, but also control the operation of each heating time balance, so even the life of the heating tube.
4, heating elements can also be manually input or stop, user-friendly and flexible adjustment of the boiler heat.
5, the use of advanced computer boiler controller, with reliable performance, high degree of automation is easy.
6, using boiler accessories, domestic and foreign products are selected and tested by the test furnace to ensure the long-term normal operation of the boiler.

Protection device
(A), function
1, patented technology, automatic sewage functions: On the water control system for real-time detection of ion concentration, when the concentration exceeds a set value, the solenoid valve automatically open sewage, sewage automatically, start the infusion of new water pumps, heating surface so that scaling is not easy. 2, the water level real-time monitoring function: Equipped with electronic water level detection device, real-time monitoring of boiler water level.
3, the time set function: Users can be set to stop the time from the boiler.
4, before and after outsourcing are covered in vivo, the replacement of the heating pipe maintenance operation more convenient and more efficient.
(B), the protection of
1, proprietary technology, scale detection devices: The furnace once the standard scale, the system will alarm
2, leakage protection: Control system to detect leakage electric heating elements will automatically cut off power supply.
3, water protection: When the boiler water and timely control circuits cut off the heating to prevent the occurrence of dry heating pipe damaged, dry warning issued at the same time the controller instructions.
4, power protection function abnormalities: An immediate cessation of operation of the boiler.
5, overpressure protection chain: The boiler pressure exceeds a set value, and to prohibit the heater alarm.
6, over-current protection: When the boiler overload (high voltage) work, leakage circuit breaker disconnect automatically.

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